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3 Great Tips for Putting Your Baby to Sleep in the Crib

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There’s a reason why parents spend so much time choosing the best crib for their baby: it’s where they’ll get the rest they need to grow and develop. However, some newborns scream and wail every time they are placed in their crib. They may only be able to sleep quietly in your arms, in the car, or in the stroller. It’s critical not to give up, because a crib is the safest area for your baby to rest.

Consider these suggestions to help them transition back to sleeping alone in their own space.

Get started now for your baby to sleep in the bassinet

The room should be dark and cold, with a temperature range of 16 to 19 degrees Celsius suitable for sleeping. It should be quiet as well. Begin with a simple naptime ritual that is similar to your nighttime routine but is shorter. Your infant will begin to understand that sleep is approaching in this manner.

In the bassinet, work on the first nap of the day. This is probably the most straightforward nap to get a baby to take. To make it happen, use the pick-up-and-put-down procedure. Put them down, offer comfort through contact, and shsh. Allow your infant 2 to 3 minutes to quiet down; if they become agitated, take them up and soothe them down before trying again.

Drop safely into the crib

Place your baby on his back on a flat, solid surface, such as a crib mattress with a tight-fitting sheet. Only use the mattress that came with your baby’s crib.

Sleep positioners should not be used. They’re often mats or wedges with pillows on both sides to keep your infant in place. Suffocation can be a problem with sleep positioners, and newborns can die as a result.

A newborn should not sleep on his side or stomach. It’s fine if your baby can move from side to side or tummy to back when sleeping whether he can roll from back to side or tummy to back.

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