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Making Birth Announcement: How To Choose Right Photo – 2021

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Imagine an app that edits visual effects and lots of fun visuals just for babies. There are many applications for changing images and effects, but are there applications where we can practically prepare various images when we need them? If you want to make a sweet baby birth announcement image for your newborn baby, you are in the right place.

For example, you can combine photos, change colors, change photos effects, add stickers or add filters. So, what are the features of Tiny Peanuts, which are effective from various visual effects and announcements to baby birth announcements? Continue reading our article to learn everything you wonder about the subject!

What is a Birth Announcement?

A birth announcement, also known as a baby announcement, is a notification sent by the baby’s parents during the first period of the baby’s birth to inform their friends and family.

This notice is usually attached to the photograph. The content of the announcement includes an entry with the baby’s name, baby’s birth details (baby’s date of birth, weight, and length, plus time and place of birth if you wish), and the names of the parents followed by the names of the baby’s siblings. So, are you looking for a practical app to add a great image to this birth announcement? In this case, the Tiny Peanuts will be helpful for you.

Creative templates in baby photo editor app for kids

How To Make a Birth Announcement With 3 Steps

You can continue reading to learn how you can create incredible visuals with Tiny Peanuts. 

1- Choose a Birth Photo with Tiny Peanut        

First, download our app. It is substantial to choose a unique image before using the application. For this reason, you can use a photograph you have taken before or take a new view. Also, you can take your baby’s image or select an image from your gallery.

2- Write a good Birth Announcement    

In any birth announcement, new parents should include basic information about their newborn. That may include Baby’s name, birthday, weight and length, location and time of birth, parent’s names, gender (if the name could be masculine or feminine), and anything else you’d like to include. If you’re also adding a personalized message, here are some ideas:

  • Welcome to the world, (baby name)!
  • Meet the new love of our lives, (baby name).
  • The wait is finally over! We’re thrilled to welcome (baby name).
  • It’s official! (Baby name) arrived on (birthdate).
  • Hello, my name is (baby name).
  • (Parents’ names) welcome the newest addition to the family, (baby name).
  • (He’s/She’s) here at last! 

3- Share On Social Media

Now that you have prepared the image and text of the birth announcement, the next step is to share it on social media. Thus, all your friends and your family will be able to share your happiness. 

With Tiny Peanuts, you can magically remove the background and decorate your baby’s photo the way you want. Also, you can add stickers and text if you desire, so your photo art is ready to share. 

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